A cohesive group of workplace futurists

We believe people, brand and culture should be at the heart of workplace, to change life at work for the better.

A few words about us

Allure is an international design consultancy firm, with in-house construction capabilities. We deliver workplaces for global companies in EMEA.

Our experience of working with corporate real estate & workplace leaders from global companies like Lazard, Facebook and Airbus, has helped us understand the challenges related to managing workplace projects from a distance, where time and visibility are limited.

The stakes are high and the risk of falling short of expectations is ever present.

Allure’s global team will help you bring your vision to life through an accurate breakdown of your company’s values and objectives. Collecting qualitative and quantitative data about your brand, people and workplace environment, Allure shapes the corporate wills on the local needs through a tangible workplace program. Our team consists of a cohesive group of international talents, workplace strategists, interior designers, engineers and project managers.

We bring the world’s best practices, ideas and technologies on to the local arena, in 10 European countries.

Meet some of our talents

Fueled by ideas and expertise, our team is dedicated to help you create your futureproof workplace. We’re a multilingual business backed by a strong amount of experience within the workplace design industry.

At Allure, we’re always looking for great new talents. If you’re interested in joining us, drop us an email at welcome@allure-smartdesign.com and say hello!

Our Reach

We are an international team made up of local talents with a fearless sense of possibility.


Operating locations


Paris | 19 rue Auber
Dublin | Charlemont Exchange
London | 12 Moorgate
Brusells | 31 rue du commerce
Amsterdam | Weesperstraat 61-105
Frankfurt | 8 Taunusanlage
Geneva | 13 Quai de l’ïle
Milan | Via Vittor Pisani, 15
Barcelona | Passeig de Gràcia, 17

Our values


We act with passion, enthusiasm and energy.


We have a shared vision, clear goals and build everything we do around them.


We work with professionalism and precision to achieve our goals and complete the missions entrusted to us.


While being part of an exceptional team, each member is aware we are only human and need each other for success.


We have a forward-thinking mentality, to tackle the challenges of tomorrow and stay ahead of the game.

Diversity and Inclusion

We are committed to bring diversity, equity and inclusion to our brand, our clients and our partners.


By embracing diversity, we are developing a team of international talents, from very diverse backgrounds, with a shared vision. To exemplify this, our Paris office welcomes more than 9 different nationalities.


By being mindful of whom we work with, we’re committed to making the industry more inclusive and supporting our clients in their journeys.


By embedding DEIB principles into everything we do – leadership opportunities, impactful training, exciting client projects – we are shaping our workplace and the direction of workplace culture across the globe.


Engaging in thought partnership within our industry and beyond is critical if we want to meet this moment of transformation to accelerate real change.

Environmental, Social and Governance

Environmental, Social, and Governance refers to the three central factors in measuring the sustainability and societal impact of an organisation. Creating sustainable workplaces is one of our main principles, so preserving and nurturing the environment and our planet is a primary concern. As a global company, our impact on the environment is significant. Our goal is to consistently support and strengthen the international community, creating a unique, unforgettable office space with the wellbeing of its inhabitants always in mind. Like our supply chain partners, we take our environmental responsibilities seriously.

Our sustainability policies are officially recognized by external industry regulating authorities. We also strive to support our clients in obtaining the best possible ratings.

Should you have any particular enquiry, please feel free to get in touch.


ISO 14001

Environmental Management



Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification


ISO 26000

Social Responsibility


ISO 45001

Occupational Health and Safety


ISO 9001

Quality Management

pascal Reydon

Our commitment to sustainable development

Since its creation, ALLURE’s ambition is to combine economic, social and environmental performance. I am committed to the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach based on the ISO 26000 standard to:

  • Comply with regulations – current legislation
  • Set up and monitor CSR indicators
  • Improve our practices if necessary
  • Have our CSR approach evaluated by an independent body

This standard corresponds perfectly to our values stated ​​and will allow us to take all stakeholders into account. Our work axes mainly aim to:

  • Satisfy our customers by allowing them to evolve in a healthy working environment conducive to quality of life at work
  • Ensure rigorous monitoring of our projects
  • Allow our staff to be proactive and flourish within our company
  • Promote sustainable forest management through PEFC and FSC
  • Support the action of charitable associations

I know I can count on your involvement and I thank you for it.

Pascal Reydon

Chief Executive Officer

Paris, 01 Octobre 2021

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