Procore : Best-in-class project management tool for remote workplace design

1 Dec 2022

Construction is one of the world’s most fragmented businesses, even more, when the project is managed from a distance. Therefore, it relies on the flawless interaction of all partners along the value chain throughout the lifecycle of a project to bring it to a successful conclusion on time and within budget. Innovative project management tools, such as Procore, present themselves as great assets, especially for remote constructions projects. Such centralized document system offers real-time updates to facilitate project coordination.

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Giving life to an architectural project means giving life to a meticulously woven process, crafted through a series of specific phases which intertwine seamlessly, collectively dictating the positive or negative outcome of the entire process. In fact, it’s the synergy...

The blurring boundaries between Office and Retail spaces

The blurring boundaries between Office and Retail spaces

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The integrated construction platform keeps all the live project data in one place. Ground-floor jobsite data is captured in real time in the field and made instantaneously available to all stakeholders in the 360-degree perspective of project activities for better decision-making. More significantly, teams working from a distance may take cooperative corrective action immediately to avoid dangers, delays, and rework.

“Procore is a great tool for managing projects both on our side and on our clients’ side. This cloud-based software helps us to track progress in the design phase as well as in the execution stage. And all is done in real-time! Everything about the project is integrated into one platform which presents an intuitive interface. Every data is accessible to all stakeholders during the entire project’s life-cycle.”

Mehdi Ben Yahmed Principal


The Benefits for global clients

Transparent and smooth communication

Poor collaboration throughout the value chain increases defects due to obsolete information, has a direct impact on schedule delays due to unresolved change orders, or incidents due to overworked employees. In Procore, the plans can be annotated with visibility to all stakeholders in real time from preconstruction to closeout. Updates being available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, global clients have clear visibility, no matter the time. This innovative tool embodies also a great asset for remote project management. Procore allows design companies to share information with clients instantly even working miles apart. When a company is managing a construction project from a distance, such a tool also offers the possibility to connect with a specific person or a group from the project team to ask a question, make a remark and share insights from anywhere in the world. All entities connected to the project on Procore receive a notification each time a new report or update on the plans are online for example. These options offer efficiency while managing projects from a distance. Indeed, a daily report is put on Procore by the construction team. It notifies the staff on site, the main events of the day as well as some photos illustrating the progress of the work. These alert notifications avoid the loss/lack of information between all parties and ease the smooth process of the project.

Expediting conflict resolution

Using a cloud-based documented platform that shows updates in real-time offers swift conflict resolution. The site issues can be communicated instantaneously and therefore the team can solve problems promptly.

Protection from litigation

The integrated construction platform contains daily or weekly site capturing as well as annotations. Th comments and images act as evidence that the construction team is uploading on the shared platform for the whole project team to see. The tracking of the site’s progress, as well as the details, serve as proof in case of litigation.

Real-time monitoring and validation

All entities linked to the project can have access to Procore. Therefore, the whole team can monitor the planning but also the project progress. In addition, the team can validate the plans in real time. Allure’s goal is to maintain open and fluid communication between all project stakeholders.

Tracking and managing project costs

According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology, wasteful activities such as schedule overruns due to poor coordination and low labor productivity account for 10 to 30 percent of all design-build expenses. Inefficiencies, low visibility and accountability, and inefficient reporting are all caused by manual processes and separate software solutions. These challenges, caused by a lack of connected technology in essential project delivery areas, contribute to projects being over-budgeted. Additionally, one of the most difficult cost management difficulties that may arise is tracking costs for every part of the job to identify how they affect overall project cost. By connecting construction costs across the lifecycle of a project, firms can get accurate field data to decision-makers and ensure the right information gets to the right people on-site to keep projects on track and mitigate risks. While conducting a project from a distance, clients receive accurate field data from the design company team. The design company also ensures that the right information gets to the right people onsite to keep projects on track and avoid risks by integrating construction expenses across the lifecycle of a project. Progressive budgeting is an essential aspect of Allure’s methodology.

Overall efficiency

Manual and paper-based processes lack data connectivity. By centralizing all project data and team contributions in one place, integrated platforms such as Procore saves wasted time and increase efficiency. Allure shares access with all stakeholders to critical information at all times. This methodology enhances collaboration and empowers all parties to do more in less time by channeling all apps, documents, and people into one integrated platform. This embodies a tremendous competitive advantage in today’s competitive labor market.

Furthermore, reducing administrative duties frees up time for people to focus on other important tasks, such as quality control, safety compliance, client experience, and improved mental health as a result of fewer, more rewarding tasks.

Building right the 1st time and reduce defects

Lack of efficient communication, real-time updates, outdated information and unresolved change orders can increase rework. The best-in-class project management software keeps all the live project data in one place and sends out changes in real-time. To avoid dangers, delays, and rework, teams can immediately facilitate joint corrective action.

Set the right track Conducting a project through Procore allows clients to set clear goals and budget limitations. Setting a define course leads to costs and risk reduction while having regular updates and reports provide room for course-correcting the track to stay on schedule and budget. The effectiveness of this project management tool extends far beyond the removal of printing costs and double data entry. It covers everything gained as a result of the software’s transparency and productivity, as well as the intangible benefits of a more engaged workforce. Teams that collaborate effectively are more efficient and productive. Through Procore, global clients not only have visibility on the project updates and reports but also To the rendering of the space. To this end, a visualization tool – called – is integrated to Procore. Allure’s partners can view virtual tours of their future space and own the design process.

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